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My name is Laura Reilly. I am a Designer located in Buffalo, New York. I love all kinds of design ranging from industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and web design.

Why did I pursue design?

Art and math have always been my favorite subjects. Why are these subjects so special? In art you gain the ability to create something out of nothing. In math there is the problem solving and logical thinking. These passions drove me in the direction of Design. Yet, it is also helpful in having inspirational family who pursued Graphic and Industrial design.

There are so many aspects of design that are amazing. Some of my favorites are the constant strive to perfect, and continuous learning process is exactly what I love about all types of design. The ability to see personal creations out on the market is exhilarating.

What is Reilly Cat Design?

This page is my own personal creation. In hopes to pursue a design career. This allows me to keep up to date on my design knowledge, and to keep pushing myself to continuously improve.

Thanks for visiting